The ‘n’ Phases of Her Tumor

Life without the partner 
She was on a date with her life – dressing up, writing, cooking, reading… they did everything together. It almost looked like a perfect couple with little tiffs like deadlines and charred meat to spice it up. A tear or two always came to her rescue when she gossiped to the diary. Her art was living and breathing. She took pride in taming the most beastly thing she knew – her desire!

She never met him, never even glanced! His glimpses always escaped her attention. He started to take over on the sly. Fall began and so did his work on her. Before his entry, she was a sculptor and the sculpture. She was on a holiday with her friends when he started creeping into her.

“I’ll be done with that assignment in 20 min.”
“But this is difficult and I’ve been on it for 2 hrs.”
“I’m going to be off in half an hour. Don’t waste so much time on it”

But she didn’t finish it in more than two hours. “I must be preoccupied or sleep-deprived or just tired! Maybe the assignment is actually difficult.”

The holiday ended in what she thought was sleep deprivation and exertion. But it ended in two weeks of just sleeping. Then came the headaches. Slips and misses at work followed. It took a while but it finally dawned upon her – she couldn’t understand what she read anymore!
There were doctors. First, a couple of them and then more. Then, what she thought was the revelation. He presented himself – they called him a cyst. But this was just the beginning.

The Rush
“But I’m the first born. I have so much immunity that I never fall sick.”
“Infection? Tumor? Hemorrhage? All of them sound bad!”
“Could you fix me right now because I’ve work tomorrow?”

The fear didn’t sink in yet. Her will was undeterred because it was hardly put to test. Her energy levels were sinking and fatigue started crippling her days. But her drive to get this sorted was so unrealistic that anything could hardly happen!

The Freeze
Months and weeks slipped through her fingers. There weren’t any diagnostic procedures left to run on her. Consultations followed procedures but nobody said anything useful. It was like white noise passed from the doctor to the patient to the support system. Now, they called it a tumor and that’s all 21st century medicine could do in three months. she cooked and ate sometimes. The rest of the days, she spent in bed. The tumor wouldn’t tolerate any attempt to read or walk. She would be severely punished for that with better headaches and body pains.

The Anger
The tumor grew. Her symptoms worsened. But the men of science found no correlation between her suffering and the images. She thought they would take her problems and own them. But they don’t and they didn’t. There was frustration and anger. Most of all, there was self-doubt. When sanity is in question, the best of us lose ourselves to the answer.

“Could you please put an end to it one way or the other?”. She ‘d rather die fighting for a life she could live rather than barely survive

The Hope
Then came her knight in shining armor and it all happened like a fairy tale. Everything happened so quick there was hardly any time to think. She lived!

The Euphoria
Mycroft Holmes: “In the end, are you really so obvious? Because this was textbook: The promise of love, the pain of loss, the joy of redemption”… There is a reason it’s textbook. Because it always works! It’s always said in retrospect but every moment was worth it. She thought she knew happiness and now came bliss. Then she walked into the sunset with all the hands that held her for now and for life.


6 thoughts on “The ‘n’ Phases of Her Tumor

  1. Reblogged this on Jdawgswords's Blog and commented:
    the insurance industry and medical industry almost let this woman die…if you hurt and one doctor says he don’t know? keep looking!!! you might find a doctor who actually studied the courses and is willing to help you…most don’t seem to care…pay your co-pay 1st just in case there’s nothing I can do…lucky for this girl she was able to get the funds for a doctor…


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