An appeal to the Research Community


Here’s my talk at the Neuroscience Club, School of Neuroscience at IUPUI.



9 thoughts on “An appeal to the Research Community

  1. When I was 21, I went in for a routine gynecological exam. I was told I had a cyst on my right ovary. After surgery removed it, the physician showed me the video. Apparently, it created medical intrigue for him. He termed it a demoid cyst (1991). In the video, he breaks it open and fragments of hair, nail, and other interesting biological substances were encased.

    Based on your story, it might be interesting to understand and give clarity to embryonic development using these types of cysts or tumors potentially catalogued, albeit without understanding, throughout the years.

    Another question I would ask, is what if there are occurrences of more than “twins” hiding in glandular points related to development identified as cysts or tumors and perhaps there is a correlation with cancer instigation.


  2. When I was halfway through reading your post…I was going to tell you it was a “teratoma”. My cat was very sick and I thought she was going to die. I took her to the vet, and yes, he removed a “teratoma”…when I asked to see what he removed, he told me how “ugly” it was with teeth, fur, all deformed, I decided to pass. One day on t.v. they showed a man in India who had a HUGE stomach. Everyone in the village made fun of him telling him that “he was pregnant”. A man pregnant??? I saw with my own eyes when they took him into surgery, cut open his stomach, the doctor reached in, and yes, it was his twin (teratoma)…they actually showed it on television. It looked like an alien.


  3. Hello my name is sheila I just read you story on the internet, all I could say to myself is wow. I have been experiencing some of the same things you mention on the net fatigue pains in my abdomen chest etc. and I have had several exrays altrosounds you name it I probably had it, and the doctors can’t seem to tell me whats wrong. The past week I have been experiencing headache, I’m scare and do not know what else to do


  4. Not unusual. I have a dear friend who was born in Sweden. She had tumor on her leg and when it was removed, it had hair and teeth and one eye. Discovered at age 34, she is now 68.

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  5. I am so happy that you had a amazing surgery. That’s a great thing. I hope you have a swift recovery. I have recently been diagnosed with a pineal gland tumor. I have been given the same run around from neurosurgeons and neurologist. I’m running out of time and energy. I’m kinda at a loss. I don’t really know where to turn. I’m 28 and literally have the energy of a 100 year old person. I’m losing my sanity. If you have any advice or counsel, I would gladly accept it. Again I’m grateful you are well and have found a doctor to help, that’s so great. You are trooper and a ray of light in my dark time.

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  6. I read your story with more than a little fascination. I had never even imagined such a thing. I hope now that you are able to get your life back on track, thank you for sharing your story.

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  7. Hi Yamini. I read your story and I have respect for you. I was terrified as well when I came to know about your twin sister. I hope you are doing fine now and may God bless you with health body mind and a lovely life ahead. I can very well imagine the value that you will have now for life coz you have seen a close-up of death. Live long live strong and part hard now dear!!!

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